Rising Stars

Growing a brighter future, one chld at a time

Our Initiatives

Annual Backpack and School Supplies Drive

Each summer, Rising Stars partners with Carr Workplaces to raise money for backpacks and school supplies for children in need in cities across the US.  To date, we have raised over $1,000,000, every cent of which has gone directly to purchase the necessary school supply items.

Winter Fundraiser

Each holiday season, as we count our blessings, Rising Stars remembers the organizations with whom we have partnered over the year.  During the holidays, our mission is to raise funds to apply for tuition scholarships for the children who attend the organizations we support.

Mentor A Child Day

We know that monetary contributions are only one means of support so we are committed to giving of our most valuable resource, our time, at least one day per year on Mentor A Child Day. On this special occasion, we visit our locally supported organization and visit with children and teachers alike.

Community Day

On this day each year, Rising Stars partners with the children, teachers, and staff of the organizations we support, as well as our corporate sponsors, as we tackle a community project in our local neighborhoods.  Through this effort, we are able to bond with the children we support, while also reinforcing the importance of teamwork and community service.